The Giving Circle: Child Sponsorship

The Giving Circle, a charity based in Saratoga Springs, is creating the Koi Koi House an school in Uganda for orphans — most of whom come from AIDS families.  As part of supporting the school, the Giving Circle wanted to create a web site where donors could sponsor a child through a pledge of monthly donations.

T4PG created a site where donors can meet each child, with the sponsorship financials handled by PayPal to assure privacy and security.  (show me)

Behind the scenes, T4PG provided The Giving Circle with the web tools to manage the sponsorships.  These include the ability to add or remove children, to update the sponsorship information and to post thank you videos (via YouTube) for the new sponsors.

Through the use of standard online resources, such as YouTube and PayPal, the site is secure and reliable while easy to create and manage.

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