About us

Created in 2011 in Saratoga Springs, we currently focus primarily on supporting non-profits in the Saratoga County region of upstate New York.

We work closely with each client non-profit to find solutions that best fit their current needs and resources.  This can range from training, to selection and installation of new applications, to developing custom applications to address unique needs.  Wherever possible, we look for free open-source solutions (FOSS) that best fit the limited resources of local community groups.

Our current management team includes:

Leo D. Geoffrion Ph.D.

A graduate of MIT and Johns Hopkins, Leo brings over 30 years of software development and technology management.

Kenneth Hapeman

A graduate of RPI, Ken has significant experience managing information technology organizations and implementing information management systems in educational environments.

Jamie Gamble

Jamie is a retired partner of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, one of the world’s premier law firms. He holds both JD and MBA degrees from Columbia University and has over 15 years experience as a corporate lawyer.

Andrew Cencini

Andrew is an industry veteran who has worked on the SQL Server, Bing and Microsoft Exchange development teams at Microsoft, as well as running his own independent practice developing software and services for a variety of markets; Andrew currently teaches at Bennington College as well as serving as a volunteer firefighter.

Elizabeth O’Connor

Betty is a retired technology consultant from Skidmore College, where she advised and supported administrative offices across the college.

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