Skidmore College Blood Drives

Whenever Red Cross conducted its periodic blood drives on campus, a small team of faculty/staff volunteers would handle scheduling of the appointments to give blood — a tedious process that involved many telephone calls and emails to negotiate the most convenient time for each donor along with adjustments as someone’s schedule might change.

T4PG’s earliest project consisted of a simple web application that leveraged the College’s username authentication for all students and employees to provide a self-service application to schedule appointments. (show me)

Meanwhile a private administration page allows the volunteers to control the application settings, including the number of time slots available for scheduling throughout the day.  It also:

  • Sends a reminder email to each scheduled donor on the day prior to the blood drive.
  • Prints a report of reservations by time for use by the blood drive staff.
  • Sends a thank you email to each scheduled donor on the day following the blood drive.

The net outcome:

  • Each blood drive is nearly fully scheduled.
  • The volunteers no longer need to perform the tedious scheduling.
  • The Red Cross personnel receive accurate information on each scheduled donor, using data from the College’s administrative database.
  • Every donor receives both a reminder and thank you.

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